Westwood Consultancy


For the Malaysian environment, there are choice avenues to engage the media for coverage wherein messages can be generally controlled.  Choose a selection of varous avenues in one's strategy plan.

Media Briefings – informal discussion sessions with the media where all editorial material have been prepared.

Press Conferences/Launches - programmes with bigger audiences involved, with a few more spokespersons involved and with a larger audience in attendance. More pomp and formality involved, too.

Road shows/Trade Seminars & Exhibitions/Concerts – effective events that showcase capabilities to a wide range of audiences with choice exhibits that give better understanding and appreciation of the subject and company at hand. Covers overseas trips as well with dedicated media at hand for client’s needs.

One-to-one interviews – dedicated sessions with selected media for more detailed information and also side stories.

News Releases – write-ups sent to media for updates with no direct interaction or meeting with media.

Commentaries – short statements pooled with others as part of a bigger story or contribution.

Advertorials – paid space in various print publications but contents are written in editorial and informative format (a last recourse, for PR practitioners).

Bloggers/Social Media Influencers – there are select occasions wherein working with social media writers for dedicated clients’ write-ups can make a difference. Some do it for the passion of writing, whilst others see it as their means of income.