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Growth Consultants
Constance Westwood

Constance Westwood

Founded in

No of Years in PR

Agile and Commited

To drive communications in current fast-changing, highly challenging landscape.

Cohesive and Exquisite

Client–Partner teamwork with campaigns and project management.

Demand and Strategic

Managers for people, services, and situations with tactical approaches.

Goal and Proven

Recognition and result oriented with
track record.

Communications Approaches
and Tools

Media Briefings
Informal discussion/interview sessions with the media where all editorial material has been prepared.
One-to-One Interviews
Dedicated sessions with selected media for more detailed information and also side stories.
Press Conferences & Launches
Programmes with bigger audience involved, with a few more spokespersons involved and with a larger audience in attendance.
Ground Events
(Road shows & Exhibitions)
Effective events that showcase capabilities to a wide range of audiences with choice exhibits that give better understanding and appreciation of the subject and company at hand.
News Releases
Write-ups sent to media for updates with no direct interaction or meeting with media.
Short statements pooled with others as part of a bigger feature story or contribution.
Paid space in various print publications and electronic media but contents are written in editorial and informative format.
Working with social media writers for dedicated clients’ write-ups, reaching their own select followers.

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